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Mission Statement

The Raven Program is dedicated to working with youth, their families, and our community to bring about healthy lifestyle changes. Our focus is upon reducing harms related to substance use through counselling, education, and support.

Raven Philosophy

Virtually all adolescents in our society are exposed to substance misuse in some way. To those young people who are experiencing problems at home or in school, and are engaged in high risk drug related activity, we offer a creative, respectful environment for group and one to one counselling. Raven program is based on the Harm Reduction concept, minimizing harm and reducing negative consequences in young people's lives.

Raven program looks at all aspects of a young person's life and works cooperatively to set and achieve goals leading to a healthier and safer lifestyle. We believe in the power of young people and work to bring out their strengths and ability to create change.



What Happens At The Raven Program?

The Raven Program offers a number of services to youth and their families, including:

  • Individual counselling at the Phoenix Centre

  • On-site counselling at community schools and agencies

  • Parental support (information, education, consultation)

  • Counselling for young people living with addiction in their families

  • Community focused prevention/information presentations

  • Outreach services – meeting clients in the community who might otherwise be unable to access our services



Who Can Attend the Raven Program?

  • Youth

The Raven Program serves youth up to the age of 25. Those age 26 and up are advised to contact Kamloops Mental Health and Substance Use Services with Interior Health Authority (IHA). If interested, please give us a call. All contact is considered totally confidential. Parents are encouraged to be involved but clients may attend on their own.

  • Parents/Family

Raven program offers information and support for those parents who have a young person who is experiencing problems related to substance misuse. Parents (or family as defined by the youth) are encouraged to be involved in the treatment plan.


Raven Program Referrals


Youth interested in attending the Raven Program can simply call direct to set up an appointment. In addition, community agency, school, and family referrals are welcome. Young people engaging in the program will take an active role and be encouraged to be part of their own planning and treatment process. Every effort will be made to provide appropriate services to a young person as soon as possible and to work closely with referral agencies.




922 3rd Avenue
Kamloops, BC
V2C 6W5

phone #:  (250) 374-4634

toll free #: 1- (877) - 318-1177
fax #:       (250) 374-4621

Email: ksad@phoenixcentre.org       
Website: www.phoenixcentre.org