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Community Detox Program

At Phoenix Centre, we recognize that many people prefer to remain at home during their substance withdrawal, and can be successful. This is a possibility if you are medically stable and have no history of seizures. You may be able to continue many of your usual lifestyle activities including going to work or caring for your children.

Access to the program begins with a phone call to the Centre. Each client meets with a doctor for a full physical assessment. Once accepted into the program, the client is followed closely by a nurse and supported on a daily basis for the first week of detox.

After the detoxification process in completed, the client remains with the program for approximately 3 months and is connected to other community supports specific to their treatment plan. This might include attending counselling and group programming at Substance Use and Mental Health Services, attending 12-step groups, and engaging in regular healthy physical activity. Each treatment plan is unique and developed in partnership with the client. Call 250-374-4634 for more information or email ksad@phoenixcentre.org