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Client Stories

Client Thank you

May 8th, 2014


To all the beautiful staff at the Phoenix Centre,


I want to thank you all. You’re all wonderful people and a joy to be around, despite all you have to deal with. I am honored and lucky to have met and spent time with you. I’ve been treated with the utmost respect at a time I didn’t feel I deserve any. It made me feel like a person again. As well I have a great deal of respect for all of you and everything you do.

After being shunned out of several emergency rooms, looked down upon and left in a bed with D.T.’s and little attention from nurses because I had been labeled a drug seeker, I would flee when the terror became too great, only to go back and continue drinking myself to death.

I have been one of the lucky few who have been dropped off at the Phoenix Centre. I have never been treated with such care and compassion. It was a gentle, safe, comfortable environment for me to crawl out of the darkness to see a little bit of light for the first time in a long time; all of you guiding me out of the torment like the angels that you are. Comforting me in the middle of the night, reminding me what’s real and that everything will be ok. I can’t even begin to explain my gratitude. If it wasn’t for all of you and the Phoenix Centre I would have died. You are more special and important that you’ll ever know. Thank you so much, from the top to the bottom and side to side of each piece of my shattered heart which I can now begin to mend because of you.

Eternally grateful (detox client)