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The Ashes to dust mountain bike camp is postponed for 2019

Please call Phoenix Centre 250-374-4634 for more information. Ask to speak to Sian Lewis, Executive Director.

Thank you



2018 brings us the sixth year of the Ashes to Dust Mountain Bike Camp and the stoke is real! Back in our first year, the first genesis of this camp, all we dreamed of was getting a few kids who needed some help, in touch with some skills and tools to help them live a better life. Here we are, six years later, gearing up for our sixth camp getting ready to transform more lives. 

In its first five yeas, the camp transformed the lives of 80 vulnerable young people by providing skills and access to resources. Those resources were as simple as a mountain bike for transportation and an athletic outlet, and connection with a community to support them. They were each were given the opportunity to experience the mountain bike trails and develop a passion for the sport with local professional mountain bikers. This will be the second year that the camp is open to all youth no matter what their gender identity is. We are very keen to continue with this inclusive programming and get as many of our youth introduced to mountain biking. 

We are grateful to continue our partnership with the Kamloops Bike Riders Association. The KBRA is a community interest group that has a mission to advocate for diverse, sustainable and sanctioned trails, promote their stewardship and connect the mountain bike riding community. Each participant receives a membership to The KBRA so they can continue their healthy lifestyle after the camp. "Connecting with our community is very important to KBRA. A healthy active lifestyle creates positivity and vibrancy in our community," says (former) KBRA secretary Ted Morton. 

The camp is a two-day event held in September which includes skills training, riding the Kamloops Bike Ranch, learning some trail building skills and gaining an appreciation for the relationship between mountain bikers and the environment that provides us with so much joy. Each participant who completes both days is gifted with a mountain biking kit (tools, gloves, helmet, etc.) and their very own brand-new mountain bike at the close of the camp. The participants pay for nothing; everything else, including meals and transportation is provided to them for both days. 

Applications are now being accepted for the camp, which takes place September 13 – 14, 2018 at the Juniper Bike Ranch. The camp is for all youth age 14 – 25, who don’t have access to organized sports, or who may experience other barriers in their life. Past participants are always welcome to come, but they must provide their own bike and gear; a completed application is required for returning participants.

Applications for the camp can be found on the Phoenix Centre website www.phoenixcentre.org/ashes-nominate-youth and must be completed by a nominator - a supportive adult who can act as a point of contact with the youth and will support them through the camp to make sure they arrive prepared. 

Our sincerest thanks go out to every single community sponsor we have had in the last five years of the camp; without a doubt, we would not be here if it weren’t for you.

For more information you can connect with our Event Coordinator, Amanda Passmore through any of these methods:

Amanda Passmore 
Event & Youth Engagement Coordinator
Email: A2D@phoenixcentre.org
Facebook: @AshesToDustKamloops
Instagram: @AshesToDustKamloops
Cell: 250-299-5225 (call or text) 

To catch a glimpse of some highlights, and to appreciate the depth of the event, check out previous year's videos below:

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