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Out of the Ashes Bursary (OOTA)

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Over the years, the OOTA Committee has received many requests from adults for educational support. Given the nature of addictions, many of those in recovery are over the age of 35 by the time they consider pursuing further education. The committee has decided to expand the age criteria to Ages 17 – 29 and 30 years and older. We are pleased to support more people in recovery in achieving their educational pursuits which in turn will benefit our community.   The Committee will manage the potential increase of applications via an interview process for those shortlisted for a bursary. If you have any questions about these changes, please contact us. 

In memory of Ron Kopytko who started the Out of the Ashes Bursary, Phoenix Centre and the Out of the Ashes Committee will continue to champion this important grant. To donate please call 250-374-4634 or mail your donation to Phoenix Centre, 922 3rd Avenue, Kamloops BC, V2C 6W5

The vision of the OOTA bursary is to provide educational support to a young person in Kamloops with a minimum of one year recovery time. The Out of the Ashes bursary was initiated in 2007 as a Prevention Initiative by Leann Kopytko, a youth counsellor working in the Raven Program at the Phoenix Centre. This bursary program was the brain child of Ron Kopytko, Leann's husband who shares Leann's passion for helping youth who struggle with lifestyle issues.

It began with a donation from six independent business people in Kamloops. The Board of Directors matched this donation and the first bursary of $2500.00 was awarded in 2008. The first recipient became a BC Paramedic and the second now works at Thompson Rivers University.  We have had the privilege since 2008 to award $71,500.00 in bursaries.

We are grateful to our sponsors and always seeking new support. All sponsors are publicly recognized and invited to attend the awards ceremony where the OOTA bursary recipients are acknowledged every year. This Bursary continues to be a primary focus for the Society.

Out Of The Ashes Bursary

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